Jetmaster is the perfect solution for vehicle washing areas, and workshop floors, a fleet of vehicles, large trucks or heavy equipment, etc. We are ergonomic in design, convenient and effectively removes fine dust and grime from all surfaces.

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  • The ultimate eco-friendly home cleaning package
  • JM7.150V can reduce your electricity and water use and handle any cleaning task quickly and easily.
  • An eco-friendly high pressure cleaner can dramatically cut down the time you spend cleaning and giving you more time to enjoy it.
  • Made by carbon brush motor with 2000W.
  • Produce a maximum of 150 bar pressure with the water flow rate of 7 liters per minute.
  • Suitable to remove superficial dirt such as dirt and mud with medium surfaces, garden equipment, cars, windows, and others.
  • This cleaner was recommended to use in commercial and domestic.